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Potential Issues in Title Documents
  1. Liens: One of the most common issues found in title searches. Liens can be placed on a property for unpaid taxes, contractors’ bills, or outstanding mortgages or loans.

  2. Encumbrances: These are restrictions or covenants that limit how a property can be used, such as zoning laws or conditions imposed by previous owners.

  3. Easements: These grant the right to use parts of the property to non-owners, such as utility companies or neighbors, and might restrict the owner’s ability to modify certain parts of the property.

  4. Boundary Disputes: Sometimes, the documented boundaries of a property might conflict with neighboring deeds or physical surveys, leading to disputes over where one property ends and another begins.

  5. Errors in Public Records: Clerical or filing errors can affect the deed or survey of a property. These mistakes can lead to legal issues that might need to be resolved in court.

  6. Illegal Deeds: Occasionally, a prior deed might have been made by an undocumented immigrant, a minor, or a person who was not of sound mind. These are considered invalid and can affect the current owner’s rights.

  7. Forgery and Fraud: There have been instances where property records were fraudulently filed, which can cloud the title and require legal action to resolve.

  8. Undiscovered Wills: If a previous owner died without a will being discovered until after the property changed hands, the rightful ownership of the property might be in question.

Handling these issues typically involves legal remedies, including clearing up liens, disputing easements, or correcting public records. 

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