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Your Guide to Selling a Home

Everything you need to know to buy a home without an agent.

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Handle Showings

Let the showings begin!

First, make sure you have everything set up correctly:

  • Lockbox on your front door or nearby railing with the key in it.
  • Showing service set up with the lockbox code, and location of the lockbox if not on the front door.
  • Ensure the showing service has showings available, and set the times when showings are not allowed (such as before 10am or after 8pm for example).
  • Specify in the listing which showing service is being used.
Prepare for Showings
  • Sellers (and tenants, if possible) should leave the home during showings. This allows buyers to talk more freely about the home while walking through and feel comfortable in the home.
  • Ensure the space is tidy and clean.
  • Turn on all the lights. This makes the rooms nice and bright, and no one is fumbling to find a light switch.
  • Some people will attempt to mask traffic noises with music if the home is furnished or staged. 
  • Provide throw-away booties for people to put over their shoes, and a sign to encourage them to either remove their shoes or use the booties.  Provide a chair near the front door (inside or outside) so they can put on booties or remove their shoes
  • Remove pets if possible, especially dogs. 
During Showings

As the seller, you should vacate the home during showings. 

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