Top 8 Best Cordless Electric Knives To Buy (2021)

We have made it simple for you to choose which are the best Cordless Electric Knives to buy? To know about detailed information on cordless electric knives we have mentioned below the best cordless electric knives. Nowadays most of the electrical knives are replacing the old knives due to their great performance. The world is upgrading with all the new features into the electrical knives. Similarly, cordless electric knives are replacing corded electric knives.

If you are in the search of the best cordless electric knife here we have included some of the best cordless knives. Here you will come to know about the best battery operated electric knives with their specifications, and features.

List of Top 8 Best Cordless Electric Knives

Here we have listed the 10 best cordless electric knives that will help you to make a better choice.

Best Cordless Electric KnivesCheck Price
1.Waring WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife
2. Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife
3. Sonic Blade 7865 Cordless Rechargeable Electric
4. Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife
5. Bubba Fillet Knife
6. NutriChef Premium Electric Knife
7. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife
8. One-Touch Battery Powered Knife

Top 8 Best Cordless Electric Knives

The top 10 best cordless electric knives are here for you. Details of each best cordless electric knife are mentioned below. This will help you to buy the best suitable electric knife for you. This guide will also help you in comparing the features and specifications of the rechargeable knives.

  1. Waring WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife

best cordless electric carving knife,

Best For – Carving Meat, Cutting bread.

Carving made easy for you with this best cordless electric carving knife. WEK200 Cordless and Rechargeable Electric Knife is the best cordless electric knife by Waring that has a heavy-duty DC motor. Which can be operated easily with a single power button. It has a separate dedicated set of blades which can easily separate slices of bread and carve meat precisely. This knife comes with a good battery which makes the work easier.

The knife has an LED indicator which helps in finding it in low light. You also get a heavy-duty case that protects the knife and helps for proper storing. The blades can be easily detached from the handle with the help of the release button. Cleaning the knife is easy where you can wipe or wash blades easily. All these features of this electric carving knife make the WEK200 the best cordless electric knife for all purposes.


  • Model No.: WEK200
  • Dimensions: 13.13 x 2.88 x 10.25inches
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Colour: Black

Best Features

  • It has a dedicated set of blades for slicing or cutting and carving.
  • The battery has a quick charging time.
  • It has an adjustable slicing guide for better cutting.
  • The Safety locks are included for safe handling and working.
  • The LED indicator assists in low lights for reaching it.
  • For longer working with this knife, it has an ergonomic handle which reduces the fatigue on hands.

Our Review

Waring WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife is the best rechargeable cordless knife that can be used for perfect slicing, cutting, and carving. The knife has the potential for being used in the household as well as commercial uses.

  1. Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

best cordless electric knife roundup,

Best For – Filleting

If you are looking for a particular electric knife for filleting here you have it Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife. It is the best cordless electric fillet knife as it can do any type of fish filleting for you. This knife can work up to 80 minutes due to its powerful lithium-ion batteries. These batteries give a consistent output till its last minute. There is no lower power produced by the motor when the battery is low. The battery comes with quick charging and only requires less than 2 hours to charge.

The power and torque produced by the battery helps in easy filleting. The advanced design of this best cordless electric knife keeps airflow going in and produces high torque smoothly. The reciprocating blades of 7 inches reduce the efforts and manage the fillet task very easily. Rapala Lithium is popular very popular knife in the best cordless electric knives.


  • Model No.: RRFN
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Colour: Black

Best Features

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery producing run time up to 80 minutes.
  • 7 inches long reciprocating blades which ease the filleting task.
  • Advanced airflow design cools the temperature of the motor and manages to produce more torque.
  • Comes with an AC battery charger for quick charging within a time less than 2 hours.
  • Powerful and long-lasting high-quality motor.

Our Review

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife is the best cordless electric fish fillet knife that can do any kind of filleting task easily. This knife will save your time of long filleting. It will help you fillet the fishes, crabs, etc very easily.

  1. Sonic Blade 7865 Cordless Rechargeable Electric

review of best cordless electric filet knife,

Best For – Cutting and Slicing

Looking for a multi-purpose cutting and slicing electrical knife here is the Sonic Blade for you. It is always ready to be fully powered due to its high torque powerful motor. This is the best cordless electric kitchen knife as well as the best cordless electric knife roundup. It can be used in and out of your kitchen as it’s easy to carry from one place to another.

Just with one touch it can be activated and ready to use. This electric cordless knife comes with stainless steel blades that give options of micro slicing, carving, cutting, and can cut both soft and hard foods. This is all because of the serrated edges of the knife. The blades also increase the efficiency of the knife. Also one of the best points of this knife is that it does not cause smashing or crushing. The blades and handle can be separated and assembled easily. Thus cleaning the knife is very easy.

The knife comes with a patented charging block which keeps it always recharged. This bread knife includes a safety lock which is easy to handle due to its comfortable grip. The sonic electric cordless knife is a heavy duty best cordless electric knives.


  • Model No.: 7865
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Colour: Black

Best Features

  • Powerful high torque motor reducing the task of cutting and slicing.
  • Stainless Steel blades with 70 serrated edges helping in even cutting.
  • The safety locks system protects you from accidental happenings.
  • It has a power switch that activates the knife with one-touch.

Our Review

The Sonic Blade 7865 Cordless Rechargeable Electric knife does the best work of cutting hard and soft foods like tough meat, soft slices of bread. It is easily portable from place to place and is the best cordless electric bread knife on our list.

  1. Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife

best cordless electric fish fillet knife,

Best For – Cutting and Slicing of Meat and bread Filleting vegetables and fruit.

If you want to buy a convenient electric knife for cutting, slicing filleting in basics then Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife is the perfect knife for you. Cordless Electric Knife by Cuisinart completes all your needs of cutting and slicing in daily use. This best cordless electric knife has a powerful motor and set of two stainless steel blades which makes work easier than before. These blades come with serrated edges and do the precise slices of the meat, bread, vegetables, and fruits easily. These blades can be easily changed and cleaned.

The knife has two 7.8 lithium batteries in it, which has a run time of 20 mins with one single charge. It is provided with a safety lock that avoids accidents. A heavy-duty case makes easy storage and transport of the knife. An ergonomic and sleek designed handle gives a better and comfortable grip.


  • Model No.: CEK-50
  • Dimensions: 13.25 x 3 x 10.25 inches
  • Weight: 3.40 pounds
  • Colour: Black

Best Features

  • Two 7.8 lithium batteries give run time up to 20 mins with a single charge.
  • Quick charge time within 30 mins.
  • Safety locks and unlock system.
  • Ergonomic handle for good holding and grip.
  • Stainless steel serrated edge blades for separate cutting jobs, with easy cleaning.
  • Heavy duty case for storing and carrying the knife set up easily.

Our Review

Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife is the best electric cordless knife known for its convenient use. The knife does all the basic activities which are needed and is the best rated cordless electric knife.

  1. Bubba Fillet Knife

best cordless electric kitchen knife,

Best For – Filleting fishes

If you are in the search of an electric fillet knife herewith overpowered motor and rechargeable electric knife for filleting by Bubba are great electric cordless fillet knife. Comes with the attachment of four stainless steel blade which has a ti-nitride coating. Two blades of 7 inches with stiff and flex functions and others similarly of 9 inches. They are easy to attach and disassemble. There is a durable large handle which gives perfect good hold while filleting hard and soft foods. To this ergonomic handle, there is a switch and safety guard. which helps in activating the knife.

You get a power cord for charging your electric knife and to store the knife there is a premium EVA storage case that helps in the storing of the blades and knife and protects it. So it is well known in the list of best cordless electric knives.


  • Model No.: 1095705
  • Dimensions: 17 x 6.25 x 3.7 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Colour: Red

Best Features

  • Ergonomic handle with textured iconic design helps in having a non-slip grip.
  • Maximum airflow for producing high torque in motor for powerful work.
  • Cord for charging the knife.
  • Premium EVA storing case to store and protect knife and blades.
  • Safety guard for better safety.
  • The set of four separate flex and stiff blades for filleting 7 and 9 inches long.
  • Ti nitride coating to the blade.

Our Review

Bubba Fillet Knife is one corrosion-proof fillet knife that has the ability of powerful performance gives the review of the best cordless electric filet knife in and the best cordless electric knife.

  1. NutriChef Premium Electric Knife

best cordless electric fillet knife,

Best For – Carving, Slicing and Cutting foods

If you are willing to buy a ready to go electric knife here you have NutriChef Premium Electric Knife. That comes with a rechargeable and cordless functions. It has an ergonomic handle grip and is a lightweight cordless electric knife. The design of the knife is comfortable and does not cause stress or fatigue while working. This best electric cordless knife can easily do the carving of meat perfectly. The work gets easy because of the serrated edge blades which have sharp grooves. It can cut slices get easily with the blades that are re-attachable in no time.

The cleaning of the knife is also easily done. The knife is having a plugin design which makes it always available for using or working. The knife can be easily operated and used with just one simple button. The knife has a compact design and can be also stored in kitchen drawers. The design makes NutriChef Premium Electric Knife the best cordless electric knife or the best cordless electric knife.


  • Model No.: PKELKN8
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Colour: Black

Best Features

  • Handle which can be easily held.
  • A lightweight cordless electric knife that is comfortable for use and easy to move around.
  • Sharp grooves with serrated edges in the blades for easy slicing and cutting.
  • 9” inches long blades for easy carving.
  • Plug-in function for keeping the knife always charged.

Our Review

You will get a hassle-free experience while working with the NutriChef Premium Electric Knife. The lightweight and ergonomic designed handle improves the handling of the knife and more convenient for use.

  1. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

best electric cordless knife,

Best For – Perfect for meat carving, slicing bread, cheese. Foam cutting.

If you want to make your holidays special and every day joyful with a premium knife for kitchen work then we have Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for you. This knife can cut easily through bread, cheese, and vegetable. The knife also makes your carving of various food items very easy. You get perfect slices of bread and meat with even slicing and precise cutting. There are many such features in this Hamilton Beach knife that makes this the best cordless electric knife.


  • Model No.: 74250R
  • Dimensions: 11.42 x 4.13 x 3.15 inches
  • Weight: 2.07 pounds
  • Colour: White

Best Features

  • It has a Stainless steel blade for sharp cutting
  • The handle it has is fitting in hand easily
  • Foam cutting is easy with this knife
  • Space is saved due to storage case

Our Review

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is a multipurpose usable electric knife that helps in cutting meat, bread, and also foam for crafts naming it the best electric cordless carving knife.

  1. One-Touch Battery Powered Knife

best electric cordless carving knife

Best For – Slicing and cutting tough meat and delicate foods.

If you want to buy a budgetary and affordable electric cordless knife here we have One-touch battery-powered knife. The knife comes with a high powered motor which gives 2000 blade strokes within a minute. The dual twin blades are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe that can easily cut tough meat and delicate foods and vegetables with ease.

Every time you get even and easy cutting with this knife that is very lightweight. The operating of the knife is easy with the one-touch function. This is what you need in cheap and is the best cordless electric knives economically.


  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 7.1 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Colour: White

Best Features

  • Lightweight best cordless electric knife.
  • Dual twin stainless steel blades that are dishwasher safe.
  • The operating of the knife can be done with one touch.
  • The powerful motor creates 2000 blades stroke per minute.

Our Review

The One-Touch Battery Powered Knife is the best economic and affordable budgetary cordless electric knife for basic purposes in regular use.

Buying Guide

While buying the best cordless electric knife it is hard to choose and confusing. Here you will know about cordless electric knives. What features you should check? while buying it. You must be thinking of how much use they are in daily use all your doubts will get clear by reading and knowing the following features. This will help you in your purchase of the electric knife. All these functional features will help you a lot in selecting the best cordless knife.


The maintenance of the best cordless electric knife should be very easy and carefully done on time. It gives out better results when you use a well-maintained product. The chances of the malfunctioning get reduced. The maintenance of the knife should be easy to do.


The blades are a significant part of any knife and in electrical knives, the blades do their work faster.  In the best cordless electric knife, the blades must be sharp as well as durable. The sharpness depends upon the edges and grooves of the blade. And the durability of the blade depends upon the material the blade made up of.

In the selection of the best cordless electric knife, you need a knife with good blades that can also be cleaned easily. The blades need not be sharpened regularly they must be enough strong and with long-lasting sharp edges. The blades must be able to do the task easily whatever it is made for.

Cordless Knife

A Cordless knife has a good point of it as you can easily use it after recharging. There is no requirement of the power supply nearer if the knife is charged. A Cordless knife can be moved freely as no wires connected while using.

Battery life

In the best cordless electric knives, you just need to check the battery feature most importantly. A good cordless knife also has a battery that can give long run time. The battery should also be charged in a quick time.


The materials used in the building of the knives should be durable, strong, sturdy, and safe to use. Each part of the knife should be of genuine quality. Whether it is the blade or the handle or cord of the knife. This kind of material improves the quality of the best cordless electric knives.


The handle should be designed ergonomically. The grip of the handle should be non-slip. And made it safer to prevent any accidental causes. It must not cause any kind of strain and fatigue on the hands while using. It must be light weighted and the grip should be perfect to get a proper hold.


The storage of the knife should be easy. If the knife is provided with a storage case then there is an additional benefit while storing it. The case protects it from any damages. The storage case also simplifies the storing of the blades, handles, charger, and cords in it.

Tips to use best cordless electric knives

  • Here we have some of the tips while using cordless electric knives.
  • Keep a knife for charging on an optimized time this extends the battery life of the knife.
  • Don’t keep knife overcharging.
  • Always check the safety locks of the blades of the knives before use.
  • Check the blades if they are properly fitted or not.
  • Use chopping boards of wood or plastic while working.


Which is the best electric knife?

These are the best electric knives

  • Waring WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife
  • Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife
  • Sonic Blade 7865 Cordless Rechargeable Electric
  • Cuisinart Cordless Electric Knife
  • Bubba Fillet Knife
  • NutriChef Premium Electric Knife
  • Hamilton Beach Electric Knife
  • One-Touch Battery Powered Knife

What is the best battery operated fillet knife?

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife and Bubba Fillet Knife are the best battery operated fillet knives.

Are electric knives good for bread?

The electric knife can do most tasks like cutting, slicing, filleting, and carving. The Electric knives work on both hard and soft foods but mostly known for bread and meats. So are the best cordless electric knives well known for best efficiency.

An electric knife is totally valuable for you if you use it for regular use. The knife does all kind of hard task of cutting, slicing, carving hard meat, bread, vegetables, fruit, etc. Even you get an electric knife for filleting. And electric knives are upgrading from time to time. They are known due to their powerful work and making the job of cutting easy.


In this guide, we have suggested the top best cordless electric knives for you. All the knives do great slicing, cutting, carving, and filleting. These are the topmost loved brands that make the best electric cordless knife. We hope our article may be helpful for you to choose the perfect rechargeable electric knife for your use.

We suggest you buy the best cordless electric knife that is easy and safe to use, enough durable, also having a good battery for long usage. So all the best with your knife purchasing and you found this article helpful for finding the best cordless electric knives.

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